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Category: Tips

Discover our recommendations and tips for an exceptional stay in Puerto Escondido and enjoy the best spots for sports and surfing.

Explore the surroundings of Puerto Escondido and let us advise you on the top places to practice your favorite activities. Whether you’re passionate about surfing, scuba diving, or hiking, we will point out the must-visit locations.

Make the most of the tropical climate and stunning beaches to indulge in your favorite activities. Follow our advice to find the best waves and enjoy unforgettable surfing sessions.

When it comes to transportation, we will provide you with tips on getting around the area easily. Whether it’s renting a bike, using public transportation, or relying on taxi services, we’ll help you navigate with ease.

For moments of relaxation and discovery, we will recommend the best restaurants, local markets, and cultural sites to visit. Immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of Puerto Escondido by savoring local specialties and exploring iconic landmarks in the region.

Get ready for unique adventures and create memorable moments during your stay in Puerto Escondido. Follow our recommendations and fully enjoy everything this exceptional destination has to offer.

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Meeting the Majestic: A Day of Sport Fishing in Puerto Escondido

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Puerto Escondido Nightlife Guide for Every Night of the Week

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Guide to Afternoons in Puerto Escondido

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Morning Activities Guide in Puerto Escondido for Every Day of the Week

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The Perfect Wave: Where and When to Surf in Puerto Escondido

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10 Irresistible Reasons to Make Puerto Escondido Your Next Travel Destination

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The Best Gyms in Puerto Escondido

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The Secrets to Finding the Perfect Rental in Puerto Escondido

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