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The bustling coastal town of Puerto Escondido hosts El Cafecito, a beloved restaurant serving up a delightful blend of Mexican and Latin cuisine.

This local gem, nestled along Boulevard Benito Juarez, offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that beckons both tourists and locals alike. With a menu catering to various dietary preferences including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, El Cafecito ensures a culinary adventure for all. Visitors praise the generous portion sizes, diverse menu, and friendly service, making it an ideal stop for a hearty breakfast or a leisurely meal. Notable dishes like French toast, chilaquiles, and pancakes stand out among the favorites. The café’s cozy ambiance and proximity to attractions like Playa Carrizalillo add to its allure, making El Cafecito a must-visit destination for a satisfying dining experience in Puerto Escondido.

there is one in zicatela and one in rincondada

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