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La Piedra de la Iguana

Located in Zicatela, Piedra de la Iguana nightclub is a hidden gem for night owls, nestled between the Cactus Beach Club and Mar & Wana Bar. Easily accessible, with convenient scooter parking and nearby taxis, it’s the perfect spot for lovers of electronic music and parties until dawn.

In an exotic setting surrounded by palm trees and rocks, Piedra de la Iguana offers a unique “jungle” ambiance. Dance around the central fireplace or enjoy a cocktail at the bar before joining the sandy dance floor, a true haven for party-goers.

With attractive prices – 50 pesos for a beer and about 100 pesos for a cocktail – and international DJs spinning the decks, every evening is a celebration of diversity and talent. Open from 10 PM to 8 AM, the club really comes alive after 3 AM, when other venues close their doors.

With no entrance fee, Piedra de la Iguana is the perfect place to extend your evening. Just a small tip: dine before you come, as finding food late at night can be a challenge. Come and experience an unforgettable night at Piedra de la Iguana!

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