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Puerto Escondido Nightlife Guide for Every Night of the Week

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Puerto Escondido, known for its spectacular beaches and relaxed vibe, also shines with its diverse and lively nightlife. Here is an enriched guide to fully enjoy your evenings, day by day, with additions for your Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights.


Monday: Cactus Bar – Zicatela

Kickstart your week with an energetic evening at Cactus Bar, where electronic music dominates. The vibrant atmosphere and meeting other travelers promise an unforgettable night. Remember, entry is free before midnight.


Tuesday: Mombasa – La Punta

Mombasa, with its relaxed ambiance, is the perfect place for a Tuesday night. If Mombasa’s vibe doesn’t fully convince you, the surrounding area is full of other gems to discover. The night continues then in the iconic clubs of Zicatela.


Wednesday: Salsa Night at Play Pong – Zicatela

Wednesday is Salsa Night at Play Pong in Zicatela. Besides the catchy music, take advantage of salsa classes to either get started or perfect your dance moves. It’s an ideal evening for those who love to combine sport and pleasure.

Additionally, Wednesday also features salsa and reggaeton at Congo Bar, located behind Playa Principal. This venue becomes a must-visit for Latin dance enthusiasts. Arrive after 11 pm and, if necessary, wait while enjoying a beer nearby. Entry is usually around 50 pesos.


Thursday: Punta Origen – La Punta

Thursday night at Punta Origen is dedicated to open mic, providing a stage for all those wishing to share their talent. The friendly atmosphere encourages the discovery of new artists. Afterwards, the night extends into the clubs of Zicatela.


Friday: PM Restaurant – Rinconada

Friday night, head to PM Restaurant in Rinconada for an evening where delicious cuisine meets a warm and welcoming ambiance, with salsa classes and salsa nights. It’s the perfect opportunity to start the weekend right.

La Punta also comes alive with a crowd looking for entertainment. Bonita Escondida offers an alternative starting point for those seeking a different experience. In Zicatela, the options are endless, with clubs like Iguana, Cañabrava, and Xcaanda offering a variety of music and atmospheres.


Saturday: Perreo Night at Mar and Wanna

Saturday night is reserved for Perreo Night at Mar and Wanna, where reggaeton rhythms and perreo will have you dancing until the early hours. Prepare for an intensely festive night and memorable encounters.


Sunday: BBQ Party at Punta Vida, then Puerto Disco Society at Isha

Sunday starts with the famous BBQ Party at Punta Vida, a friendly moment at sunset. From 11 pm onwards, the evening continues at Isha with Puerto Disco Society night, promising a beautiful end to the week with great music and excellent company.

Every night in Puerto Escondido is a new adventure, offering unique and diversified experiences. Whether you’re a fan of salsa, reggaeton, or simply looking for a good night out with friends, this coastal town has something for everyone. Fully enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Puerto Escondido, and let yourself be carried away by the festive ambiance that reigns here.
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