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Get more visibility in only 3 steps 😎

Create your Business

Click on "SERVICE"
Fill out the information & open hours

Put your Availibility

Below your informations
Open hours & capacity
Add your price & informations

Create a stripe Account

in order to accept payments.
The procedure is available here.

Example for a house

Create your Business - Go to "Rent"

Enter the informations of your house or vehicle.
Add extra services : as “Cleaner”, “Cooker” on “Pricing & Bookable Services”

Enter your Room

Price: Enter your regular & special price (low & hight season), Capacity, minimum stay, Enable or not instant booking.
How availability are working ?: Per default all days are available, to put your unavailability, select and unable days. You can also custom specific day price.

Create a stripe Account

Go to the left tab “My Wallet” select “STRIPE” or the payment method you want and follow the step. OR CLICK HERE HERE

You are
a Hotel or Car rental

Same step as above

Enter your informations & opening hours of your local or reception.

Create new service on "Rent"

You must create a “Service” per rent (room or car…)
Repeat the same process as many rental product you get.

Your business is now created 😀

Of course you can modify your information whenever you want

How is it work ?

Understand how to Book

You can chek your booking in BOOKING

Go to dashboard -> Tab “Booking” -> Sub-tab to manage your client booking
“Calendar view” : To have a look of your planning
“Pending” : You need to confirm booking client request
“Approved” : Booking confirmed
“Canceled” : Booking canceled

You can complete your Profile in PROFILE

Go to dashboard -> Tab “Profile”
Modifie your picture profile and personal information. (Not visible from your business profile)

You can receive & send

Go to dashboard -> Tab “Message”
Manage your messages from your clients.

Attention, you must create a Stripe account
in order to accept payments 💸