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Get more visibility in only 3 steps 😎

Create your Business

Click on "SERVICE"
Fill out the information

Put your availability

Below your informations
Open hours & capacity
Add your price & informations

Create a stripe Account

in order to accept payments.
The procedure is available here.

Example for a Barber Shop

Create your Business

Enter your informations & your opening hours

Put your availabilities

Enter your opening hours : Clients will be able to make reservation only on this range
If you’re closed or have break : Put anything
Add your bookable service with price To allow clients to book & pay them

Create a stripe Account

Go to the left tab “My Wallet” select “STRIPE” or the payment method you want and follow the step. OR CLICK HERE HERE

Your business is now created 😀

Of course you can modify your information whenever you want

How is it work ?

CLICK ON Pricing & Bookable Services

Present your different style + Your price for a first appointment.

 Fine Line …1 pers …… 800 pesos 

 Shadow…..1 pers……..900 pesos 

and click on “Validate”.

Choose the way to Book

Clients are enable to book inside your openning hours range, you don’t need to add another availibility.
If you want to go to the next leve and and a planning per employee (ex. Hairdresser, Waxer, barber) Follow this tutorial (link here).

You can add activities with custom time

Keep in mind ONE service = ONE activity

Go to dashboard -> Tab “My activities” -> Sub-tab “active” -> “submit new listing”
Tab “Add Business & Activities” -> Click on “Service” & fill in your informations

Fill “Open Hours” As the avaibilities of the activity
e.g : barber shop with an hairdresser, a barberman..

You can chek your booking in BOOKING

Go to dashboard -> Tab “Booking” -> Sub-tab to manage your client booking
“Calendar view” : To have a look of your planning
“Pending” : You need to confirm booking client request
“Approved” : Booking confirmed
“Canceled” : Booking canceled

You can receive & send

Go to dashboard -> Tab “Message”
Manage your messages from your clients.

You can complete your Profile in PROFILE

Go to dashboard -> Tab “Profile”
Modifie your picture profile and personal information. (Not visible from your business profile)

Attention, you must create a Stripe account
in order to accept payments 💸

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