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What to Expect from Your First Horseback Riding Experience in Puerto Escondido

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Hello there! You can call me a digital nomad, or better yet, an adventure-chaser. And in my
pursuit of new experiences and exciting stories, I recently discovered the joy and exhilaration of
my first experience horseback riding in Puerto Escondido. Now, I am eager to
share this personal encounter with you.
From the bliss of galloping along sun-kissed beaches to
the heartwarming interactions with these noble creatures, the adventure was a feast for an
adrenaline junkie like myself. For those considering a similar journey into
equestrian enjoyment, you may wonder – what does this beginner’s course in horse riding in
Puerto Escondido entail?
The truth is, every moment of the journey bristles with anticipation and wonder. Get ready to be
imbued with the gentle spirit of horses, the thrill of learning a new riding
technique, to feel the warm tropical wind through your hair, and the profound connection with
these majestic creatures. The Puerto Escondido setting only amplifies this experience – with its
magnificent backdrop of endless beaches, azure sea, and comforting sun.
The essence of horseback riding in this setting is an amalgamation of novel experiences, joyous
surprises, and self-discovery. Taking my initial steps as a fledgling rider in this idyllic location
was nothing short of enthralling. And I assure you, the first equestrian experience is only the
beginning of a journey that promises endless natural beauty, adventure, and
personal growth.

Preparation for Horseback Riding


Embarking on your first horseback
adventure in Puerto Escondido
requires some preparation, both mental and
physical. I remember feeling a flutter of anxiety mixed with anticipation. After all, it was my first
time horse-riding. However, trust me when I say, every beginner equestrian feels the same.
Luckily, the human-horse connection transcends this initial fear.

Preparing Oneself Mentally and Physically for the Experience


Before mounting the saddle, I found it necessary to mentally prepare.
Horsemanship is not merely a physical activity; it involves understanding the horse’s behavior,
knowing how to communicate with them without words. It’s a relationship, and like any
relationship, trust is key. As a horse riding beginner, being patient and gentle goes a long way in
establishing this bond.
Physical preparation is equally significant. You need to be fit and flexible to experience
horseback riding in Puerto Escondido to its fullest. Simple exercises to
strengthen your core and improve your overall balance will make your initial ride comfortable
and thrilling. In my case, a routine of basic yoga asanas helped.


Essential Gear and Equipment, and How to Select the Right Horse


The horse’s equipment, known as tack, is also critical. The saddle, bridle, and stirrups need to
be comfortable and fitting for both the horse and rider.
Riding attire is likewise important – long pants and closed-toe shoes are
essential. And of course, don’t forget the helmet for safety.
Now, let’s talk about selecting the right horse. Remember, each horse has its own temperament
and speed. Don’t decide by looks alone! You’re looking for the horse that feels ‘right’ to you. It
should be a horse you feel a connection with, one that’s attentive and responsive to you. My
horse during my first horse ride in
Puerto Escondido
was a calm and patient mare, perfect for a first-time equestrian.
Finding the right match may take time, but it’s worth it. After all, it is this relationship that
transforms your first horse ride in Escondido from a simple beach ride into a
beautiful horse ride adventure.

sunset horseback riding puerto escondido

During the Horseback Ride

At this point, we are prepared for our horseback riding experience in Puerto
and ready to embark on the journey. There’s a beautiful thrill in the moment
when you first swing into the saddle. I promise, your first time horse-riding is a memory you’ll
cherish forever.

Insights and Observations During the Horseback Ride


In retrospect, I remember how surprised I was by the level of communication
between us – the beginner equestrian and the animal. Horse-riding is an exhilarating experience
of control and freedom, where your movements and the horse’s responses synchronize. Riding the horse in
Puerto Escondido
, I felt powerful, yet humbled by the animal’s strength and
I realized then that horseback riding was indeed more than a sport; it was a non-verbal
exchange, a dance. Each stride, each breath of the horse, drew me further into this unique
dialogue. Far beyond simply sitting and instructing, I found that the shared rhythm
between rider and horse
holds the essence of a good horseback riding experience.

Personal Encounters and Reactions During the Ride Through Puerto Escondido


As we started our beach riding in Puerto Escondido, I recall the touch of the
tropical sun on my skin, the smell of the sea salt in the air intermingling with the earthiness of
the horse, and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore – it was
magical. Seeing the beautiful Puerto Escondido scenery from horseback was
genuinely a unique experience that I will forever hold dear.
What really touched me was the horse’s understanding and reaction to the landscape. Whether
we were trotting through the surf or climbing a hill, the steady pace of the animal, the adjustment
of its gait depending on the terrain – it was fascinating. With every mile we
covered, my connection with my horse deepened.
This first horseback adventure etched a strong, heartwarming memory in my heart. A memory
full of sun, sand, surf, and the subtle communication between two of Earth’s creatures. Each
moment spent riding horse in Puerto Escondido was a lesson in living, a
lesson in embracing the raw beauty of the world from the back of these majestic beings.

sunset horseback riding puerto escondido

Post-ride Experiences and Reflections

The end of a ride doesn’t signify an end to the horseback riding experience in Puerto
. Far from it. As a beginner equestrian, I found that the adventure only
sparked more insights and emotions that colored my days following the first horse ride in

After-effects of the Ride, Including Physical Feelings and Emotional Reactions


The first feeling I noted, as I expect many a horse riding beginner does, was a certain
exhilaration. A joy grounded in having accomplished something new and
intriguing. There was a sense of pride too, in having learned and successfully
navigated the basics of riding horse in Puerto Escondido.
Physically, I’d be lying if I said there were no aches or strains. But every small
discomfort served as a reminder of the unique adventure, the first horseback adventure I had
experienced. It was a badge of honor that I wore with pride and joy. There was a newfound
respect too, for these strong and patient animals that compete in races and carry loads but are
also gentle enough to provide a safe first equestrian experience.

Reflections on What was Learned and the Importance of the Experience


Upon reflection, I realized horseback riding went far beyond establishing control over an animal;
it was a masterclass in assertiveness, patience, understanding, and mutual
respect. As a first-time equestrian, one learns about the horse’s instincts and behaviors, and, in
turn, converses in their language.
The experience of horseback riding in Puerto Escondido transformed something within me. The
essence of simplicity and harmony, the feeling of being one with an animal, and the continual
exchange of trust and understanding was therapeutic. The journey – from a beginner horse
riding in Puerto Escondido to a confident rider – was a path of self-discovery. I felt more
connected to the beautiful simplicity of nature, and I had a margical creature
to thank for it.
Looking back on my first horse ride adventure, I can confidently say that it is an experience
anyone who’s visiting should not miss. It’s more than just a horse ride, it’s a bonding experience
with nature and oneself. The memories of horse riding in Puerto Escondido
will keep calling you back, to the sun, the sand, the surf, and the saddle.

sunset horseback riding puerto escondido

From a Horse’s Back: An Unmatched Exploration of Puerto Escondido

Learning and experiencing horseback riding in Puerto Escondido has been an unforgettable
adventure, to say the least. Through this journey, the picturesque landscapes of Puerto
Escondido took on fresh nuances. It was a unique perspective, a viewpoint
from the rhythmical sway of a horse’s back. UNESCO’s motto “better to see something once
than hear about it a thousand times” couldn’t be truer.

Exploring the vibrant beaches, the golden sunsets, and the friendly locals, was special. But
adding horse riding into the mix elevated the entire experience. The joy of discovering Puerto
Escondido’s beauty, the fresh wind in your face, the sound of hooves on the
sand, the warm body of the horse beneath you – it all created a symphony of memorable
experiences. Even as a beginner equestrian, Puerto Escondido’s sandy beaches became a
canvas, and my newfound skills allowed me to paint unforgettable memories.
I wholeheartedly recommend this first horse ride adventure to any and everyone
exploring Puerto Escondido. The journey is inclusive and accommodates
beginner horse riding enthusiasts so elegantly, that you feel an immediate sense of belonging.
In my experience, embracing horseback riding enriched my exploration of Puerto Escondido
and deepened my connection with nature.
The welter of emotions, discoveries, and the bonding with a beautiful animal that ensued was
unparalleled. And trust me, once you get a taste of horse riding, you will find the echoes of your
horse’s footsteps in your dreams. So, muster some courage, step out of your comfort zone, and
saddle up for a memorable ride. Remember – life’s greatest adventures arise from trying new
things! Happy riding!


sunset horseback riding



Respect the Environment and the Community

During your visits, it is essential to respect the environment and the local community. Pickup your trash, avoid disturbing the fauna and flora, and respect the customs and traditions of the residents. By acting responsibly, you will contribute to preserving this beautiful place for future generations.

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