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Dolphin-watching excursion

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Embark on an extraordinary adventure to discover the marine wonders of Puerto Escondido on a dolphin-watching excursion. Whether it’s at the break of dawn or the enchantment of dusk, immerse yourself in the coastal waters for a unique experience in connection with nature. You’ll have the opportunity to encounter playful dolphins, majestic turtles, graceful rays, and even whales (from November to March, whale season).

This experience promises to be unforgettable. Let yourself be carried away by the wonder and deep connection with the ocean during this thrilling dolphin-watching adventure. Explore the sparkling waters of Puerto Escondido in search of these remarkable creatures, while discovering a fascinating diversity of marine life.

This excursion offers much more than simple observation. It invites you to merge into the marine environment, feel the gentle sway of the waves, gaze at the splendor of the coastal panoramas, and be amazed by the abundant life beneath the surface. Dive literally into the heart of an immersive experience where the rhythm of the ocean and the magic of nature envelop you.
This adventure is not just about meeting marine creatures. It represents an opportunity to savor the purity of the ocean, escape into a world of rare natural beauty, and etch into your memories a day that will remain indelibly inscribed in your thoughts.

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