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Sunset Horse Riding Tour

Horses on the beach or in the hot spring

From 130$

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horse ride

From 130$

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Sunset by horse
(river and beach)

From 112$

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River, Ocean & Sunset Horse Riding Tour

From 156$

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During your horseback riding excursion, you’ll get to admire mountains, rivers, lagoons, beaches, wildlife, and Puerto Escondido’s most stunning sunset. Next, a break awaits you at a local restaurant offering a breathtaking view of the ocean after you’ve cantered along the pristine beach named Puerto Suelo.
Following this, you’ll traverse the Manialtepec Lagoon after being assisted by locals who will help you cross the waters in their small boats. You’ll pass through papaya plantations, corn fields, peanut crops, coconut trees, and observe numerous bird species. Wrapping up, a sunset horseback ride along the beach will offer a unique experience.
Your guides will assist your horses in swimming across the lagoon while you enjoy the spectacle from the opposite shore.
Throughout this unforgettable adventure, we’ll capture photos and videos of your moments, those of your family, and friends to create enduring memories.

Are you ready to experience the most incredible horseback ride of your life?


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