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Turtle release in Puerto Escondido

Baby Turtle Release

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Turtle Release Experience

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Join us for an unforgettable adventure: turtle release in Puerto Escondido. Every year, these magnificent creatures come to lay eggs on the beaches of Oaxaca. Each turtle, on average, lays between 50 and 120 eggs, contributing to the birth of millions of baby turtles in this region. Unfortunately, without human intervention, only a few will survive in the days following their hatching.

We act to preserve them by collaborating with the turtle protection centers along the coast. These centers are entirely dedicated to collecting, protecting, and releasing the newborns into their natural habitat, the sea. Have you ever dreamt of releasing tender baby turtles into the ocean?
Our excursion starts with a pick-up directly from the lobby of your hotel in Puerto Escondido. Be ready and wait ten minutes before the scheduled departure time. Your participation will actively support local organizations in their efforts to preserve these precious turtles.

By taking part in this process, not only do you contribute to the ecological balance, but you also learn more about the evolution of marine life. Give them a chance, live an enriching experience, and leave a positive footprint for nature conservation.

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