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What is a yoga retreat ? what can you expect ?

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Welcome to all wellness and yoga enthusiasts!

Today, we have the privilege of delving into the soothing and inspiring universe of an exceptional yoga teacher. This dedicated expert shares her knowledge with palpable generosity, providing a unique glimpse into her world, infused with serenity and depth.

In this exclusive article, our seasoned yoga teacher, Flo,  will guide us through the very essence of a yoga retreat. Drawing on her experience and passion for personal growth, she will unveil the hidden treasures of these moments of introspection and deep connection with oneself. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or contemplating your first venture into the world of yoga, Flo’s compassionate teachings and advice will gently lead you toward a transformative yoga retreat experience.

Prepare to be inspired, expand your horizons, and discover the manifold benefits of a yoga retreat, guided by the illuminating wisdom of our exceptional yoga teacher.

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of inner and outer exploration, as the journey begins here, under the enlightened guidance of our extraordinary Flo.





“Hi community, yogis or well-being curious.

You might have heard it, I am soon organizing a yoga retreat in Mexico in January 2024.

It will be the 5th one I am organizing, and I am already so excited to share this one coming!

But I recently realized that a lot of people were a bit confused about what is a yoga retreat & had no idea what to expect. So here below, I would like to share with you a little insight but also my vision of a retreat.

First, as the name mentioned it, yes there are some yoga classes. But it is not a Yoga teacher training & I reassure you won’t do full day yoga. Most of the time it will be probably a class in the morning to energize & maybe one at sunset to calm down. That’s it!

Also, you do not need to be flexible or to be advanced yogis to join a yoga retreat, everyone can join! And by everyone, I also mean Men. A lot of men think yoga retreat are mainly for women, but I promise you will enjoy it as much as we do! So, feel welcome! Except of course when retreats are specified for Women only.

A yoga retreat can also include other extra activities, to explore the place where you will stay, learn more maybe about the culture, learning about other holistic practices, doing other physical activities like hiking, swimming…

A retreat is also a time in which you can take time for you through massage, healing practice, journaling, napping, chilling. A moment when you can ground yourself, make some introspection work.

And finally, for me, it is also a place where you connect with people in the same mindset as you have, creating friendly bonding with people from other nationalities or culture, feeling part of a warm-hearted & fun community.

So, if you had any doubts to join one, I hope I helped you to understand it better & you will maybe give it a try someday!

I do believe that we are all connected when we heal ourselves, we also heal the world we are living in.

From my heart to yours, Love !

Flo ”

Join a beautiful yoga retreat in Mazunte


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