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Cacao Ceremony

Cacao Ceremony

Hi everyone, Yogis & Well-being’s curious, Namaste!

My name is Floriane, but you can call me Flo. I am French.

Cacao ceremony is originally an ancestral indigenous ceremony from the Maya used for spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes for inner awakening and creative guidance.
Pure cacao is used, prepared in sacred way with water & spices, as a heart opening for people. It is a gentle stimulant that increases the blood flow to the brain, creating more mental agility, awareness & focus. Cacao help to relieve emotional stress. Nowadays, Cacao ceremonies vary depending on the ceremony facilitator (or shaman). People usually sit in a circle and set intentions, pray, sing together, meditate with beautiful music or sound healing. Cacao ceremony is a magical moment for me that allow people to feel connected to themselves & others. It is a moment of sharing & connection that old civilizations were using to create bonding between tribes. It is an uplifting experience in a safe & welcoming community. Come with an open heart & mind & let you surprise by the power of Cacao.

I feel called by this spiritual practice 2 years ago & since that moment I put all my energy to learn more about cacao ceremony, on my own by reading & practicing but also from experienced guide like the Abuelita Ana Luisa Solis Gil from Mexico.

It is now with great respect for this culture & with a lot of love that I also host & organize Cacao ceremony in Puerto Escondido, in Mexico.

You can find more info on my upcoming cacao ceremony here or book directly a private group ceremony for you & your friends.


Send me a message to organize your booking 🙂

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