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Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Hi everyone, Yogis & Well-being’s curious, Namaste!

My name is Floriane, but you can call me Flo. I am French.

What is Sound healing ?
Ancient cultures have been using music, sounds & vibration since the beginning of time. Healing music has a great power. It can penetrate different layers of the body allowing to release negative energy, to feel more calm & relax. When this happens, we tend to heal faster. It has been proven that sounds therapy brings positive effects on your body & brain as reducing stress, allowing deep relaxation, improving sleep & concentration.


Private therapy.
I propose you an uplifting & magical experience. Open yourself to the power of the sound & vibration by gifting yourself one hour private therapy. It includes meditation, body harmonization & cleansing aura, belly, chest & spine massage by vibration to feel it directly through your body. Rediscover this ancestral therapy & book now your private session with me at Puerto Escondido, Mexico.


Group therapy.
For a special event, retreat, private ceremony, yoga teacher training, wellness festival… Do not hesitate to ask for a group session from 15 min to an hour according to your need. You will travel with my music to a world of deep relaxation, free of stress & tension. Rediscover this ancestral journey & book your group session with me at Puerto Escondido, Mexico.


Send me a message to organize the booking 🙂

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