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Sound Bath Therapy with Flo

Hi everyone, Yogis & Well-being’s curious, Namaste!

My name is Floriane, but you can call me Flo. I am French.

I am now passionate about yoga lifestyle in which I shared common values. A return to simple things, nature, to the present moment, to mind and physical well-being, an inner balance that resonated deeply in me.

But I refused to start my teaching career behind a screen, so I decided to go to Mexico, a country that never closed its borders during the global pandemic. I settled myself in Puerto Escondido, a small seaside resort on the Pacific coast, renowned for its surfing.

After 2 years of teaching, I learned a lot. Naturally, my interest went towards other well-being practices like sound healing or how to help the body to relax through the power of sound and vibration (Thanks to the community The Elephant bowl). My path also leaded me to beautiful cacao ceremonies where I learned how to host sacred cacao ceremony, ancestral indigenous rituals that give you the key to open your heart for which I discovered a great interest.

Today, I have finally found my calling and use my energy to help others.

I guide people seeking for more well-being and self-connection to feel better in their body and mind thanks to various tools of holistic medicine.

It will be an honor if you allow me to help you safely, deepen your spiritual & physical practice, reconnect with your self-guidance to find you too, the path that belongs to you.

Yoga for me is before all a lifestyle. Learning how to connect with each inhalation & exhalation of your breath. My flow is about accepting our body the way it is, flexible or not, without seeking competition with oneself or other. All of my classes are accompanied by instruments like Tibetan bowls, bells to improve our focus and to go deeper on the journey with our senses.

I will be meeting you in  Barbarenas for Sound Bath Therapy.


  • Sound Bath Therapy.
    150.00 $

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